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How to use the Book of Changes for divination➬How to use the Book of Changes for divination for ball games

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This article will tell you how to use the Book of Changes for divination and the knowledge points corresponding to how to use the Book of Changes for divination for ball games. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don't forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. Zhouyi divination method 2. How to use Yijing divination 3. How to use Zhouyi divination method Zhouyi divination method 1. The yarrow method This method is an ancient method of divination in the Book of Changes. The number of Dayan is fifty, and its use is nine out of forty. Divide it into two to look like two, hang one to look like three, and turn it into four to look like four. At the age of five, I will leap again, so I will die again and then hang up. 2. Najia Divination Method of Divination in the Book of Changes: Also called "Liu Yao". It is said that it was first created by Jingfang, a scholar of Yi in the Western Han Dynasty. The rule is to first arrange the sixty-four hexagrams into the eight palace hexagrams, and then incorporate the heavenly stems into it, and combine them with the five elements for divination. The astrology of Yijing divination: it is a method of predicting the operation status of the stars in the sky combined with the "Book of Changes". 3. There are generally four methods of divination: one is natal astrology (including judgments about fortune), the other is horary astrology and election astrology, the third is secular astrology (judgments about politics and natural disasters), and the fourth is astrology. It's medical astrology. Divination is fortune-telling, including asking others for divination, and divination for oneself, and its scope is larger than that of asking for divination. How to use the Book of Changes for divination The first step is to clarify the problem. Before divination, the problem needs to be clarified. The problem should be specific and clear, not vague or too general. The second step is to prepare the hexagram cup and the hexagram money. The divination cup is a container used to hold divination money, and the divination money is a tool used for divination. Before divination, you need to prepare divination cups and divination money. Before starting the hexagram, you should silently read the question you asked, and after reading, you can put the three copper coins together in the palm of your hand (usually the left hand is on the top and the right hand is on the bottom), shake it casually a few times, and throw the copper coins on the table to observe the pros and cons of the copper coins. It is generally accepted that the usage of copper coins is that the side with characters is Jiao (Yin), and the side without characters is Yang. The main work of divination is to take the hexagram, take the upper hexagram, lower the hexagram, and change the hexagram. There are many ways to obtain hexagrams, and different methods have different degrees of difficulty and accuracy. After the hexagrams are formed, the acquired hexagrams should be divided into original hexagrams, mutual hexagrams, and changed hexagrams. Afterwards, according to the dynamic line, it can be divided into Ti Gua and Yong Gua. Abstract: Zhouyi divination method, this divination method is based on the "Zhouyi" scriptures as the main method of divination. To study "Book of Changes", one must first learn and understand the methods of divination and interpretation of hexagrams, otherwise it will be superficial and you don't know what it is used for. The divination method handed down today is mainly derived from the records in "Xi Ci Zhuan" "Da Yan Zhi Shu Chapter 51: the method of yarrow." How to use Zhouyi fortune telling 1. Use any number to create a divination: For example, at a certain time, if you want to predict, you can use the time at that time to perform divination. For example, at 10:40, use 10 as the number of the upper hexagram and 40 as the number of the lower hexagram. But you need to convert the numbers into gossip numbers. 2. There are three main steps in Zhouyi fortune-telling for oneself, starting the hexagram, setting up the hexagram, and solving the hexagram. It is generally better to use ancient copper coins to start the hexagram, especially Qianlong Tongbao. Three copper coins are thrown at the same time and recorded as one line. The next step is to form a hexagram, which is the step of starting a hexagram. Then there is the establishment of hexagrams. According to the six lines obtained from the hexagrams, find out the corresponding hexagram images, record them, and then find the change of hexagrams. 3. There are many methods of divination in the Book of Changes, the most commonly used ones include money divination, lottery divination, number divination, and object image divination, etc. Among them, money hexagram is a more accurate method of hexagram origination, which requires the use of three copper coins or coins, and each throwing of it becomes a line, and throwing it six times becomes a hexagram. 4. Steps of how to use Zhouyi to calculate a change: Step 1: Divide the forty-nine chess pieces into two groups at random, symbolizing the beginning of chaos, the heaven and the earth are divided into two, one side is the sky, and the other side is the earth. Step 2: Where there is heaven and earth, there should be people, so randomly remove a chess piece in a group, and this chess piece becomes a human being. This concludes the introduction on how to use the I Ching for divination and how to use the I Ching for divination for ball games. Have you found the information you need? 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How to use the Book of Changes for divination➬How to use the Book of Changes for divination for ball games

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