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This article will talk about Dragon Mark Battlefield and the knowledge points corresponding to Dragon Mark Battlefield download. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark This site. List of contents in this article: 1. How to upgrade strategy for novices in 51 Dragon Mark Battlefield 2. How to upgrade Raiders for Taoists in Dragon Mark Battlefield? 3. Game strategy of Dragon Mark Battlefield , a level 51 weapon can be upgraded to a level 61 weapon through the "Dragon Pattern Tripod". If you can only use 1 level, then you can now use 2 levels through the upgrade of Dragon Mark Battlefield. In the early stage of warrior leveling skills, it is recommended to choose half-moon slash or assassination swordsmanship, both of which are range group attack skills, which can speed up the leveling speed. In the early stage of mage skills, it is recommended to use fire wall and blasting flames, the two complement each other. In the early stage of the Taoist skills, the bone guard baby was promoted, and the powerful summoning skills make you more expensive than the other two professions in the dragon battle field without consumption. It is recommended that players who are not very capable should buy attacking water and defensive water in the mall if they are not very capable, then eat a blood stone, buy the red medicine, adjust the automatic blood replenishment to 90% and use it every 1 second, so that the blood can be recovered. Faster, stronger anti-BOSS. The character is walking on the game screen. The character you are controlling is located near the center of the screen. Just move the mouse and click once to walk one space in the direction of the mouse; if the mouse is pressed and held for 2 seconds, it will turn into running state. On Guild Battle Day, when the time reaches 22:00, the Guild War ends. The winner is declared based on the record, and a tie is declared if the record is tied. 1. Recently, after the new map of Dragon Mark Battlefield was updated, 4 high-level elite monsters were updated, and the high-level equipment was almost 100%. After buying more than a dozen, I haven't encountered any equipment that didn't explode. 2. How to open gold weapons: Click on the magic weapon to open the gold weapon panel. Gold weapons can be used to synthesize weapons into gold weapons. Three occupations can check the synthesis requirements of gold weapons on the left to collect materials in advance. 3. In addition, the equipment identification system also provides convenience for the player's level, because the equipment above level 30 is used for identification, and the system will return a certain amount of experience points after failure. 4. In addition, among the three professions, only fighters do not have pet assistance in battle, and the maximum damage output depends only on the fire skill. Taoist priests can first train skeletons and beasts to the highest level in the wild before entering Tianguan. As for the mage, he would get a few pets in the wild and then put a wall of fire and lightning strikes. 5. The warrior's creed: the fiercest attack is the strongest defense. Therefore, in the dragon battle field, warriors do not have protective skills. Naturally high HP is your best defense method. The game strategy of Dragon Mark Battlefield is also necessary to complete the daily tasks. There are 20 rings in the daily tasks. You can choose the goal and difficulty of each ring task, but each time you need 50,000 gold coins. For example, her task is to ask you Buy a Judgment, Dragon Mark, etc. These weapons are all produced by fighting bosses. The new map updated this time includes five maps: Hall of Kings - Hall of Extreme Wind - Path of Thunder - Corridor of Purgatory - Hall of Illusory Demons. And our destination this time is the Path of Thunder and the Corridor of Purgatory. Warrior's Creed: The fiercest attack is the strongest defense. Therefore, in the Dragon Mark Battlefield, warriors do not have protective skills. Naturally high HP is your best defense. In Dragon Mark Battlefield, Taoyuan opens the door every two hours, and only opens for ten minutes each time. After the time, you can't get in, and you can only wait for 2 hours. Taoyuan is a place that excites the strong and frightens the weak. This is the end of the introduction about Dragon Mark Battlefield and Dragon Mark Battlefield download, did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Dragon Mark Battlefield➻Dragon Mark Battlefield Download

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