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How to store loose tea How to store loose tea best? , How to preserve the best way to preserve loose tea

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Hello everyone, today I have noticed a more interesting topic about how to preserve loose tea, so I compiled 2 related introductions about how to preserve loose tea The answer, let's take a look. How to store loose tea best? How to store bulk Pu-erh tea at home? How to store loose tea best? 1. Keep cool, expose your tea to heat and it will be ruined in no time. Protect your tea by storing it away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. High temperatures also increase changes in hygroscopicity. If you store the leaves in glass jars, make sure they are in a dark freezer. Therefore, some delicate and less oxidized teas should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. 2. Keep away from odors, tea leaves are very susceptible to odors as they are easily affected by moisture. Not only do they absorb moisture from the air, but any odors as well. This fact is easily attested to by the fact that our Jasmine tea is the result of putting fresh Jasmine flowers over green tea. The green tea leaves fully absorb the floral aroma. Of course, letting the tea soak up the pleasant aroma of jasmine is a good thing. But you don't want your dried leaves to smell like chicken soup, beef noodles, or Thai curry. Therefore, the ideal place for tea is not a cupboard. 3. Putting it all together, imagine that you can fit a little tea in a big pot compared to a small pot full of tea. The law of nature is that the tea in the latter pot will stay fresher for longer. Because there is more tea in the jar, it also means less space available for anything else. There is nothing else around to soak up the tea, but so are the surrounding leaves. 4. Estimating the shelf life of tea is always a challenge as it really depends on the storage conditions. Generally speaking, tea is a dry product and it can take many years for it to go bad if stored properly. However, to enjoy your tea at its best, don't wait too long. Know the optimal time frame. Green, white and light oolong tea (in refrigerator): 1 - 5 years, green, white and light oolong tea (room temperature): 0.5 - 1 year. How to store bulk Pu-erh tea at home? 1. Low temperature storage method. Put the tea leaves in an environment below 5 degrees Celsius, that is, use refrigeration or freezing to preserve the tea leaves. This method can preserve the tea leaves for a long time; when the tea is taken out for brewing, the tea leaves can be slowly returned to room temperature. It is only possible to take the tea to soak in water; if you hit the jar at once, it will cause the water vapor to condense due to the temperature of the tea, which will make the tea go bad. 2. Metal canned storage method. You can use iron cans, stainless steel or dense tin cans to store Pu’er powder at home. If it is a newly bought jar or a jar that has been stored in other items with a smell, you can put a little Pu’er loose tea into the jar Inside, cover the lid and shake it up and down to remove the peculiar smell on it; there are many practical double-layer stainless steel tea pots on the market, which are very convenient and practical. The metal jars containing loose Pu-erh tea should be placed in a cool and ventilated place, and should not be placed in places with peculiar smell, humidity, and heat sources, so as to avoid aging and poor quality. 3. Storage in plastic bags or aluminum foil bags. If this method is used, it is best to choose those plastic bags with seals, such plastic bags are well sealed, and there is no possibility of odor transmission; and after putting Pu'er loose tea in a plastic bag, put the inside Remove as much air as possible; then cover it with a second plastic bag in the opposite direction, which works very well. After packing in plastic bags, do not expose to sunlight; then you can also pack the tea in separate bags, then seal them in the refrigerator, and then brew them in batches, so as to reduce the chance of tea leaves coming into contact with air after opening, and to avoid inferior quality Oh, how many situations arise. 4. Store tea in purple sand and purple ceramic jars. Many tea lovers like to use some purple sand and purple ceramic jars to store tea. Because of the particularity of the two materials, it can well isolate the tea from absorbing other odors, as well as the possible oxidation reaction, so that the oxidation density in the tea pot can reach a perfect state, thereby promoting the oxidation reaction of Pu-erh tea. Faster and better. At this point, the above is the introduction of the editor on how to store loose tea leaves. I hope that the two-point answer on how to store loose tea leaves will be useful to everyone.

How to store loose tea How to store loose tea best? , How to preserve the best way to preserve loose tea

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