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Thunderfury outfits➻Thunderfury outfit recommendations

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Today I will share with you the knowledge of Thunderfury outfits, which will also explain the recommended outfits for Thunderfury. If it happens to solve the problem you are facing now Don't forget to pay attention to this site, let's start now! List of contents in this article: 1. Diablo 2 Remake Javelin Amazon BD Raiders Amazon Adding Points and Equipment Recommended 2. 300 Heroes Thunder Fury AP Battlefield Outfit 3. How to play DOTA2 Almighty Knight, a detailed introduction to how to play Almighty Knight 4. lol Thunder Roar Xiong’s top single build and add points analysis 5, Liu Sheng’s strongest build 6, Jian Ji’s best build out Diablo 2 Remake Javelin Amazon BD strategy Amazon’s plus point build recommendation 1, Strike Recovery (FHR): When killing a cow A very important attribute, Amazon's gears are 6%, 13%, 20%, 32%, 52%, 86%. 2. Diablo 2 Remastered Amazon's various genre skills and equipment selection strategies focus on cattle farm training KC skill points --- Javelin: Lightning Fury 20, Charged Strike 20, Lightning Attack 20, Lightning Ball 20, Power One Click on all remaining. ---Passive: No Valkyrie, 1 each other. The piercing is recommended to be added to the equipment level 9. 3. Introduction of Diablo 2 remake Amazon BD and output methods Matching order: Bow: Magic Arrow 1 Passive: Deadly offensive 1 Gun: Sting 1 At this time, the third level should be cleared. The first to second missions try to collect a few Gem Poison Fire and Power 1. 300 Hero Thunder Fury AP battlefield outfit AP bear is really not easy to equip, even if you want AP but still get meat, otherwise his passive and W will be useless. The Ice Staff, Nasher's Fang, and Bright Boots are used for attack. Then outlaws, Langduan's omen, sunfire cloak as a defense. lol Thunder Roar AP production: Deadman's Plate Armor, Mercury Boots, Outlaw Armor, Landry's Torment, Destroyer's Deathcap, Adaptive Helmet. If you have an exclusive, it’s better to be exclusive. If you don’t have it, Eternal Artifact is also fine. If you don’t have it, it depends on what position you play. If you want to kill people, you can consider buying equipment with active skills, and go for the flow. How to play DOTA2 Almighty Knight, detailed introduction to how to play Almighty Knight For players who use Almighty Knight, the distance between Almighty Knight and teammates should be kept at a relatively short position. Players can use the range that the guardian angel can cast as the specific position. refer to. Within this range, take care of your teammates as much as possible. To ensure that the guardian angel can be activated at the first time. Level 1: Mana consumption 125 points, casting interval 150 seconds. Level 2: Mana consumption 175 points, casting interval 150 seconds. Almighty Knight: Go out to the Temple 2 Xiaolan, followed by Arcane Refresh or Arcane Brilliance. In the early stage, take advantage of the road, and make more use of the directional AOE of baptism for profit. In the later stage, it is positioned as a team battle supporter, which is of the same nature as the witch doctor. Output equipment: Brilliant Flying Shoes Assault. Sheep Knife is not suitable because the aura deceleration of its 3 skills is too high. First of all, Almighty Knight is positioned as a team healer or auxiliary DPS in DOTA. There is no conflict between the two. I use Almighty to like the route of soul ring, phase, and poison ball. The soul ring ensures that you have enough mana to support the team. The DPS ability is not bad. It depends on the phase, the poison ball and the 3 skills sticking to the person A. If you don't want to go the DPS route, you can use Arcane Boots. Omniknight's skill: Baptism [R] instantly restores the health of a friendly unit and deals damage to enemy units within 250 range. lolThunder Roar Bear top single build, add some analytical skills: Recommended build: Thunder Roar Volibear will quickly restore health when he is on the verge of death, precisely because of the existence of this magical skill. This makes Volibear's survivability greatly enhanced, and with the cooperation of equipment, it is even more outrageous. First of all, let’s talk about the out-of-game equipment. For Thunder Roar’s top laner, the out-of-game equipment is to choose Corruption Potion. This kind of online consumption ability is very good, and the passive effect can make Thunder Roar develop well. Bear's jungle gameplay introduction: main W and secondary Q, the increased attack speed of W allows the bear to quickly clear the jungle. Add points: main W, sub E, a little Q, R plus R, W skill can be used to kill enemies, E skill can slow down, Q skill can be used as a control point. Detailed Outfitting Outfitting: Corruption potion can increase online recovery ability, and passive effect skills can burn effect. Xiong S7 build recommendation: Starting equipment: Corruption potions are commonly used in the top lane, and Xiong Xiong is no exception. Talent Rune Introduction: Talent Recommendation: Rune Recommendation: Gameplay Introduction: The bear is not very easy to fight in the early stage, so I recommend pointing out the anti-stress blocking talent. Although this has a little anti-stress ability, it is best to develop insignificantly in the early stage and have a passive When you can fight. Liu Sheng's strongest build 1. Finally, for Liu Sheng's jungle attributes, we can choose to use equipment such as Rune Sword and Devil's Kiss to increase his field clearing ability and harvesting ability. To sum up, Liu Sheng's strongest outfits should be: Cloud Piercer Bow, Army Breaker, Eye of the Phoenix, Red Lotus Cape, Rune Sword and Weapon Destroyer. 2. Based on these premises, let's discuss Liu Sheng's strongest build. First of all, Liu Sheng needs to choose a weapon with high attack power, such as a long sword with high damage or a deadly spear. Such a weapon can allow Liu Sheng to generate more damage when attacking the enemy, and then win. 3. Mage is my favorite hero type when playing Glory of Kings, because this type of hero can have very high damage and has certain advantages in both team battles and laning. 4. We often hear a phrase called sitting in the harem with three thousand beauties. It can be seen that the emperor has the world's wives and the best reproductive conditions in the world. Among the thousands of emperors in ancient times, there was such an emperor who could have more than two hundred children at most, and he was Liu Sheng, King Jing of Zhongshan. 5. But it is difficult to draw a conclusion on who is the most fertile, because some emperors are more intoxicated in governing the country and political matters, and some emperors are more lustful for women, so the number of their children is related to their hobbies . But Liu Sheng, King Jing of the Western Han Dynasty, was the most fertile in ancient times. Jian Ji's strongest outfits when going out 1. Later six gods outfits: Black Cleaver + Greedy Hydra + Landon's Omen + Invigorating Armor + Guardian Angel + Mercury Boots. 2. Resurrection Armor Resurrection Armor can increase Jian Ji's attack power and armor to a certain extent. As a fighter, these two benefits are good. Of course, the most important thing is the resurrection skill of Resurrection Armor, which revives Jian Ji 4 seconds after she falls, and gains 400 health points and removes all negative statuses, which can greatly enhance Jian Ji's fault tolerance rate. 3. Sword Princess outfit order: The first piece is equipped with the Holy Separator, the equipment increases the blood volume cd, the second piece can choose the Greedy Hydra, and the third piece can choose the Bloody Hand, and then the Black Cleaver and Ruin are added King's Blade, full attack effects. That’s all for the introduction of Thunderfury’s outfits. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. Don’t forget to search for more information about Thunderfury’s outfit recommendations and Thunderfury’s outfits.

Thunderfury outfits➻Thunderfury outfit recommendations

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