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Drowning Chicken ➣ ➣ Drowning Chicken Playing a Word Puzzle

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➣➣Today, I will share with you the knowledge of Drowning Chicken Playing a Word, which will also explain the drowning chicken playing a word puzzle. If you can solve the problem you are facing by chance, don’t forget In order to pay attention to this site, let's start now! Article catalog: 1. Eat less and wear less. Type a word. Or animals and poultry can also be used. 2. Drenched chickens type a word 3. Guess a few crossword puzzles and eat less and wear less. Type a word. Or animals and poultry can also be 1. Eat less and lack clothing refers to the zodiac ox, refers to the zodiac snake, and refers to the zodiac pig. Data expansion: the zodiac ox and ugly ox, one of the twelve zodiac signs, and the second place in the earthly branch. Cows are loyal to their owners all their lives, and they work hard all their lives. They only make contributions and don't care about rewards. When they are ugly, the old cows "ruminate" the smallest, slowest and most comfortable. 2. What kind of animals do you eat and wear less to fight? "Eat less and wear less" refers to the zodiac ox, the zodiac snake, and the zodiac pig-rat: it is regarded as a symbol of alertness, adaptability to adversity, reproduction of children and grandchildren, and prosperity of family business It has the auspicious meaning of endless life and prosperity. 3. Eat less and wear less, that is, lack of food and clothes. It is ranked first. Rats eat less, and the tenth is chickens and wear less. 4. Eat less and wear less One correct zodiac is a dog. The meaning of the zodiac Chinese traditional culture attaches great importance to the zodiac, and the twelve zodiacs have attracted people's attention and recognition. Each zodiac has its unique symbolic meaning and is endowed with a specific meaning. 5. (Hit a poultry) Answer: Goose 1 is a large warship that can float and dive, eat fish without drinking oil, and spray water without smoking. (Hit an aquatic animal) Answer: Whale 1 looks pretty, dances lightly, and spring flowers When it blooms, it is surrounded by flowers. (Hit an insect) Answer: Bee 1 is short of water on the left, and full of water on the right. 6. It has a head but no neck, its body is cold, it has wings and cannot fly, and it can do without feet (hit an animal) ).[Answer]The fish wears a flowered padded jacket, sings and croaks, catches pests in the field, and contributes to the harvest (hit an animal).[Answer]The big sister frog is so beautiful, wearing orange flower clothes. On the seven black stars Bing, loves to eat aphids to fill the intestines. The bottom of the word "drowned chicken" is: wine. Analysis: the word "luo" embraces the word "drowned chicken", and the word "drowned chicken" means chicken that will fall into the soup pot, and the word "soup" means "soup" Withholding '鰵', 'chicken' knowingly deducting 'unitary', sorting out and deducting 'wine'. Answer: wine is in the twelve zodiac signs, "chicken" is called "unitary", and "unitary" is wet. Basic interpretation Ethanol-containing beverages made by fermenting starchy or sugar-containing substances such as grains and fruits, such as wine and liquor. Shenhou Youji, so there is a word "You" in this character, because it is "drowned chicken", so there are three points of water, after combination, we get: "wine". Because there will always be dark clouds gathering before it rains, because rain is made of liquid The cloud body composed of water droplets (including supercooled water droplets) is called a water cloud. Puzzle: Just drink some wine and put it on your face (type three-character flower name) Answer: poinsettia Item) Answer: Karate Puzzle: People from Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. (Drowned) B. People who have suffered on behalf of others. (Scapegoat) C. People who can’t swim. (Landluzi) D. People who work hard and work hard (Old scalper) E. A person who is in a difficult situation and cannot escape. (Turtle in a urn) F. A child who is greedy and gluttonous. (Little greedy cat) G. A person with outstanding talents. Guess a few crossword puzzles: one The cow moves, the horse moves. One spring begins and one winter ends. Guess a word. Answer (year) 23 Crossword puzzle: inward, forward. Middle, upward. Guess one word. Answer (stone) 23 Crossword puzzle : I went to transplant rice seedlings in spring, and heard the sound of the piano. I looked like the first emperor, beside eight thousand and three people. Guess a word. It was almost six catties. Answer: Bing. Add a mouthful to the family. Answer: Hao. We have been together since we were young, and now we are less Contact. Answer: Savings. A little bit of money. Answer: All. One dog, two mouths, whoever meets it will worry. Answer: cry. The emperor's new clothes. Answer: Raid. Word guessing: two people, four people, twelve people, twenty people. Guess a word. Answer (full) 1 crossword puzzle: There is big water, and there is dirty rain. Grassy sweet and woody. Guess a word. Answer (each) 1 crossword puzzle: a floating duck, catch the fish. In the mouth, the fish is very big. Guess a word. Crossword guessing: A floating duck catches the fish. In the mouth, the fish is very big. Guess a word. Answer (nine) 1 crossword puzzle: crossword puzzle: once you come, you will be one day, and once you come, you will be two people. One is a man, the other is a wife. Guess a word. Answer (big) 1 crossword puzzle: There are special insects with red skin. Crossword guessing: take four bites, add one bite, subtract two bites, and make up ten bites. Guess a word. Answer (Tian) 7 Crossword guessing: When the moon is bright, Tianbian arrives, and the little beast comes out, with thorns all over. Guess a word. Answer (hedgehog) 7 charades: nine cats, big plus small. Two big, how many small? Guess a word. 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Drowning Chicken ➣ ➣ Drowning Chicken Playing a Word Puzzle

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